New video: Saxophone Raga Transmission For Total Peace And Freedom (4K UHD)

This video is part of my new Musical Greeting series. Similar to the previous videos, you can listen and meditate with the video to support your awakening and finally Self Realization. Set aside all doubts and just relax.

Prasant shares the Self through music and silence in this video.

Relax relax relax,
Receive receive receive with your Heart,
Just be just be just be.

Wishing you total peace and freedom…
That which you are can never be lost.

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New Video: Panchabuta is the Self (raga Shuddha Dhanyasi)

Panchabuta (five elements) and all It creates and destroys is the Self (raga Shuddha Dhanyasi). Indian classical saxophone contemplation for awakening…

Dissolve into this transmission of raga Shuddha Dhanyasi. Dive deep into contemplation of the innate, liberated Self nature of all that Is and emerge totally free. When you return from this seeing you will not be the same and yet you will be, as always. You are free from all limitation and concepts.

This raga has five notes representing each element. Its simplicity is also its power. All the notes come from the first note (Sa) and return to it. All elements of the panchabuta arise from the Self (You), dance as the Self (You) and dissolve in the Self (also You). This happens in every instant. Just notice. If you don’t seem to feel That in this moment, then notice that feeling. That feeling of division. Melt into the sound and imagery (if your eyes are open). Watch that feeling arise. It feels like a subtle disturbance or restriction. It distorts your real nature, creating a sense of separation, however subtle or dense. When this is seen then nothing more is needed but to just be. Since even the false sense of separation, the cause of ignorance, arises from Being, it will automatically return to its Home in Being.

Return again and again to Being and you are free.

Some of the subjects and locations in the video include:
Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, India
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Alameda Trail, California and other locations in Fremont, CA
Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Hayward, CA
Reed Cave, Guilin, China
Santa Cruz Beach, Santa Cruz, CA
Jacksonville Pier, Jacksonville, FL
The photo of Prasant was taken by Eric Vogler.

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New Video: Being Resolves Longing (raga Shubapantuvarali)

Enjoy this transmission of Shubapantuvarali raga on saxophone for peace, happiness and deep release of suffering.

What is the reason the appearance of suffering continues even for someone who has all basic needs? There is some movement within…something that says “something else is needed. This is not enough. I must look elsewhere to get something more. What is happening now should not be happening. I must regain what I lost.” A deep longing. This can be painful. But actually this longing is not what it might seem, not for a possession or companion or a fantastic experience, but really a longing to remember your real nature.

Simply look! Feel the source of the sound that is now arising in you. At that moment True Being emerges again with total clarity. This beingness dissolves all longing, confusion, past pain and suffering with no effort. It may be gradual, it may be instant. No longer is there is anything else to find, because you have already found. Finally, all is eternally well. Only Being just as you are can resolve the longing.

Now you are free.


You can download this track and other similar tracks free here.

I’m also happy to note that you can view this video in 4K UHD resolution.

New video: Truth’s Limitless Compassion

Here is another spontaneous sharing of music for your enjoyment and also your discovery and realization of pure peace and freedom. The real nature is silence… and arising as sound, is brimming with love and compassion for the entire manifestation. This amrita (nectar) can be easily tasted, enjoyed and absorbed as it is always available. The sweetness and relief is second to none. It is better than a cool drink of water in the scorching desert. The compassion of the Heart knows no bounds and is ever free. Drink of It’s song and realize yourself as That. Peace.
This song is set to the South Indian classical raga Sarasangi. You can stream or download the song free here:
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New video: Happy for no reason: Ananda is being. (raga Gambheera Nattai)

Here is a new video for you.

…Another spontaneous video celebrating the spontaneous happiness and bliss of the unlimited Self. This one is in the South Indian Carnatic raga Gambheera nattai.

As with the last video, you can use this for casual listening or along with your self inquiry meditation or other yoga for enlightenment and Self realization. Play it while you study, sleep, exercise, do hatha yoga, make your coffee or tea, for your kids, in the car…anywhere. It is for you.

Completely feel the sound within you as your self. Every atom of your being is filled with this sound, the music. Merge with it and feel the total freedom of being. No separation between music and you. Yes, there is perhaps actually bliss… there is enjoyment naturally. It is arising by itself. This is union. Seeing this, you forget even this, and just be… You simply ARE.

The video was taken at Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple in San Jose, CA.

Here is the audio track. You can stream it or download for free (donations welcome).
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New video: Depths of peace: Merge with sound (naada), then just be.

Here is a new video for you.

…A spontaneous arising of the South Indian Carnatic raga Sunadavinodini on saxophone. In addition to casual listening, you can use this video to meditate, practice self enquiry or a deep form of naada yoga.

Merge with the sound, notice the sound arising from YOU, relax deep into peace, remain as pure being. 🙂 The yoga begins with merging with the sound of the music but leads you to yourself as the Silence that is both beyond and not different from sound.

The video was taken at Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple in San Jose, CA.

I will extract the audio and make that available as well, shortly.
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