This section is a mixture of links and quotes from journalist reviews and listeners.

Prasant mentioned at Learnquest Festival in Boston, Boston Globe.

VidyA: The Best of Both Worlds – An interview with Prasant in the magazine “Music! The Sounds of Santa Barbara.”

“Next Phase of VidyA” -Article in the East Bay Express about Prasant and his work with VidyA.

“Strict Adherence to Classicism” – Concert review in The Hindu by Lalitha Krishnan.

Interview with “The Score” music magazine August 08: Online | PDF | Photo (jpg)

“When East Meets West” – An article in a The Hindu supplement called “NXG.”

“Carnatic Music Gets a Saxy Makeover” – Article in a Hindu magazine called “Ergo.”

“Unchained Melody” – Article in India Today magazine: Online Version | E-Magazine Version.

“Sax Player Melds jazz, Indian Classical” – Prasant on the front page of SF Chronicle’s Datebook.

Prasant and his Carnatic-Jazz group VidyA featured in India Currents: (Online version)

Prasant and his Carnatic-Jazz group VidyA featured in SF Chronicle’s 2007 Year in Jazz Review (Online version)

A style that’s madly percussive and sparkling with…a saxophone that switches idioms from second to second, and a warm, quickly picked string bass. The result combines jazz’s sweet dreaminess with the Indian form’s insistent rhythmic and tonal changes…
SF Weekly describing VidyA.

Even with the high level of discipline associated with Most Indian Music, there is a relaxed and distinctly meditative quality to the nine selections on “Duality“…Interplay, counterpoint, and rapid time-shifts are played to perfection here, making “Duality” a great choice…4.5 stars
-EOM Entertainment

If a section of genuine rasikas [in India] avoid saxophone recitals, it is because of its association with the high decibel. Such an opinion was negated to a certain extent in Prasant Radhakrishan’s handling of the instrument. It was sweet melody all the way…
-The Hindu

…Perfect! You will rule the world.
-Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

On Swara Sudha, Prasant demonstrates himself to be a versatile saxophonist, exhibiting an impressive technique and superb command of his instrument.

A 21 year old virtuoso, Shri Prasant Radhakrishnan proved that age is not a strong determinant of musical ability. His incredible saxophone playing blended both his background in Carnatic (South Indian) Classical Music and Jazz so well that it seemed like the two genres were one and the same., January 2001


Instrument players often develop a penchant for hyperbole presentations. If they are young the hazard is greater. Luckily, Prashant Radhakrishnan (U.S.), another teenage youth and disciple of Kadri Gopalnath presented a fairly restrained saxophone concert. The Kalyanavasantham (“Nadaloludai”) and Karaharapriya (“Pakkalanilapadi”) were marked by leisurely pace and proved his comprehension of “sowkya” bhava.

-The Hindu (2001)


In general, he has a aesthetic perception in essaying ragas, as well as other features like chic rendition of kirtanas, niravel and swaram, at the same time displaying his laya (rhythmic) talents here and there.