Prasant Radhakrishnan is a saxophonist, composer and educator steeped in South Indian classical Carnatic music and jazz. Prasant’s music conveys a deep feeling of peace, joy and freedom. Visit the about page to learn more. For the latest, please check the blog and subscribe to the e-mail list. To inquire about booking a concert, music lessons, Satsang or just to get in touch, contact Prasant.

Here is a sample of Prasant’s Carnatic saxophone music. head over the music page to listen to the full discography and support the artist.

Here is a live concert video recorded in Chennai, India (2008).

Prasant plays original music drawing on both Carnatic music and jazz in his group VidyA and other ensembles. Prasant’s work in this style has received critical acclaim and grants from Zellerbach, SFFCM, Sparkplug Foundation among others. Here are some examples of the music:

Prasant also publishes a freely available solo saxophone raga series for meditation, relaxation, healing, self-inquiry and enlightenment/ Self-Realization / liberation.