Musical gatherings for enlightenment, Self Realization, and liberation.

UPDATE: NEXT SATSANG: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 AT 6PM PST ONLINE. Please send a message via the contact page to receive information to attend.

Prasant offers Satsang through music, silent meditation, energetic spiritual transmission and question and answer both in groups or in person. You discover your real nature and fully stabilize in it. Of course, there is nothing new to offer apart from yourself. You are already the Self, free of suffering. Satsang simply helps you realize that Truth and dissolve all doubts. It is just being what you are.

Prasant also offers sessions through Skype or locally in the San Francisco Bay Area for sincere seekers. His approach is unique to each person, so there is no single method. However, Prasant has found Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s timeless approach of self inquiry and deep surrender to be extremely powerful and effective. Other supplementary approaches may be used to help remove deeply held thought patterns.  In the end, it comes down to seeing your real nature and staying there. When the Self is realized, only That remains. And yes, it is absolute peace, happiness, joy and freedom. You are the Self, after all…right now.

To arrange a Satsang gathering either in a group, in person or over Skype, or if you simply have a question regarding your own path, please contact Prasant.


Prasant after a Sangeetha Satsang in Jacksonville, Florida. January 2016.

prasant_satsang 2.jpg

Prasant playing music during a Satsang, January 2016.

For those of you doing sadhana on the path of Self Realization, make use of Prasant’s freely available tracks along with your sadhana.

This is a Youtube playlist of these tracks (feel free to subscribe):

Salutations to Arunachala, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and all the great masters who have illuminated the Self for all beings.

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