Are you Doing or Being? #SelfRealization

Doing or Being, which is true? One of the fundamental questions anyone, including musicians, must come across and contemplate is this simple question, are you doing or Being? Are you (the one who seems to think and move in an individual body) instigating thought and activity as well as their associated results? Or is there something deeper within us that is just Being? Many know the age old answer intellectually, but few have actually investigated within themselves to find out and many still struggle with this question today due to a deep rooted feeling of being the thinker/doer.

Why does this matter? The feeling of being a doer results in much suffering, due to the mind identifying with (read taking credit for) actions and the apparent good and bad results. So there is much said about realizing that you are not the doer, not the thinking mind, etc. While that is important, the intellectual understanding on non-doing can create another blind spot resulting in a stance in inaction. There is an easier way and that is to recognize and realize the Source of doing, which is our own simple Being. No matter what is taking place, you can always see that you are Being. This simple Being is always aware and available in our experience when you are in activity and when you are not. This allows us to see that both doing and Being are layers of experience like waves on the ocean. The activities are like the waves and your Being spans the depth and breadth of the ocean, including everything in your experience. The movement of the waves of actions have their source and cause in the ocean of Being, Peace and Silence. Our identity in Being actually empowers us to spontaneous, natural action that is stable, responsible and peaceful. Recognizing this dissolves intellectual conflicts and leaves us in the natural Peace and spontaneous activity of the Self. After all, it is the Self that does everything, while we doing nothing at all. While you are seemingly doing, just Be. While Being, you will automatically do. All others in your life are also living this way. Realizing this, be free of all worries.

The music intro includes a bit of spontaneous raga meditation in Kedaaram on the alto saxophone. When there is a spontaneous silence in the talk, please use it as an opportunity to rest in Being. It is left in on purpose. 🙂

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The Key to Peace Through Music (Step by Step Method Explained)

Glad to share a new video with you!

Learn a simple approach to discovering deep Peace through music practice in this brief talk by saxophonist Prasant Radhakrishnan.

Overview: Intro: You can realize your own nature of Peace, pure Awareness, with or without music, but it’s easier with Music! Practicing music or a successful career in music without this key understanding will not result in permanent fulfillment and freedom from confusion. Luckily, this approach is very simple.

Step 1: Play or sing a sound. Listen to the sound when you play by simply relaxing and witnessing naturally.

Step 2: Play a second time. Enjoy and FEEL the sound filling up your entire field of experience so there is the feeling that there is only sound encompassing and enveloping all.

Step 3: Play a third time. While retaining the feeling from step 2, begin to notice what is aware of this. What is the Source of this experience? You will feel a natural awareness come forward. Recognizing this Awareness as your identity, more real than arising thoughts and experiences, rest in the Awareness.

Once you have discovered this simple and natural Awareness/Presence, you can notice that it is there all the time and there is nothing special you have to do to get it. Simply return this Awareness and allow your attention to turn away from clinging to the arising experience. This habit of clinging with attention will also dissolve in Awareness and you will recognize no separation between you and any experience in this perfect Ocean of Pure Awareness.

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Mind Is Like An Empty Soap Dispenser (brief talk + music meditation)

In this brief talk, the mind is likened to reaching for a soap dispenser that is empty. When we go to our mind to find what we want, we turn up empty handed. Instead, we can recognize that whatever we want, including peace and happiness, actually has its source in what we are, our very nature. Then we find that we can continue our daily life and activities in a fullness where nothing is fundamentally needed, added or taken away in any experience. The result is the Peace we have always had. At 13:28 Music raga meditation and brief Silence

Prasant Radhakrishnan shares natural peace and freedom through the sound of the saxophone leading to our own innate Silence that we have never lost. To attend Music Satsang, held regularly, please visit the Satsang page. For more videos like this, as well as other content, subscribe to Prasant’s Youtube channel.

Endless Beginning: Meditative Saxophone Transmission for Natural Realization and Freedom

Remain as you are and enjoy this arising of sound from within your own Being. Without effort, naturally resting and being, allow the sound of this raga Gambheera Nattai to flood your awareness resulting in total ease and absorption in sound.

With all thoughts, sensations and concepts about what you are dissolving in sound, quickly and with no reference or idea, return to your own Silence, the simple awareness from which all arises. The Field of no coming and going. Here we live free in a wide open endless beginning.

Have a peaceful week!

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Prasant Radhakrishnan shares natural peace and freedom through the sound of the saxophone leading to our own innate Silence that we have never lost. For more information about his music, often stemming from the Indian Classical Carnatic style, or to attend Musical Satsang gatherings online, please visit

A Simple Way: Easily Liberate Difficult Experiences While Active

During our busy day to day lives, there may be some times when we cannot sit and meditate, or do any special practice for our inner freedom. It is not uncommon that unavoidable difficult experiences can arise during these times. Even during these challenges, there is a simple and easy way to continuously become more free. This can be used at any time or all the time while active.

This is, of course, not meant to replace whatever you are practicing, but very easily supplement it and make your practice easier.

First, always remember that you are just Being, right now and always. It takes no effort to be since we already are always Being. Check now to see: are you not Being? Return to this simple feeling of just Being anytime anything arises. No matter what arises, we can see that it doesn’t affect the fact that you are still Being. This is our natural state and natural meditation 24 hours a day. 

Sometimes we find that something difficult arises, but it feels like it isn’t going away and we feel that we can’t return to Being easily. This particular trouble seems to fill up the full frame of our experience. When this happens, simply notice any other aspect of experience while remaining aware. For example, notice your shirt color, or the floor or the sky if you are outside. Look at the dish in your hand if you are washing dishes. Hear a car passing or bird chirping. Feel your feet on the floor or your fingers holding your phone. Feel the breath moving in your nostrils and belly. You can choose anything you like. Put your full awareness and attention on it.

From this noticing, simply notice you are still here, aware, open and still Being. The difficult experience was only one facet or layer of a much wider symphony of experience taking place all the time. This openness of Being has allowed for this movement of attention. Once attention has shifted to your new focal point, relax attention again away from it and allow both attention and focus to open, rest and dissolve. 

Automatically, your open awareness will rest in Itself and the experience passes of its own accord, unhindered by mental clinging. Even if it may linger, it is no longer the star of the show. It has returned to being a smaller, passing part. We are back to just Being. This Awareness or Being is completely accepting of all experience arising from it so there is no danger of avoidance or suppression. It is natural liberation and allows for freedom in and from any experience. 

Having returned home to Being, if the difficult feeling still lingers or returns, we now have the space to be able to fully feel and see it without being consumed by it. This leads to valuable insights and realizations.

Simply repeat whenever natural and necessary.

trees with a backgound of blue sky
Each passing experience is like a little leaf, while our Being is like the sky, trees and leaves included. Seeing this, even the little leaf becomes Being too.

Sweetness of Being: Bilahari raga meditation for Natural Freedom and Ease

Enjoy the simple ease of Being with no effort in this brief saxophone raga meditation. 

Relax into yourself, relax into the sound. Nothing else need be done to simply be. This sweetness of sound easily relieves our pain and naturally returns us to our own Being.

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Our Innate Peace: Saxophone Meditation for Realization

Rest in your own Silence and naturally absorb the sound during this video. Contemplate the following words if helpful:

After a storm of activity, after a storm of difficulty, what is left our innate Peace. This Peace doesn’t take anything to get it or need anything to find it. When any wave of experience subsides, It is automatically here.

Noticing this, there is much less to figure out. For almost everything we do is to try to get this Peace or flee from disturbance. Now there is no longer need to chase after it, but simply being is more than sufficient.

When we are being as we always are all the time, it is easy to see that a storm of activity can’t disturb it and a storm of difficulty can’t destroy it. It continues to be, it continues to radiate, it continues to pulsate.

This is the pulsation of the heart of silence. Like a heartbeat, unprompted by any external happening, it continues its perfect sound of unwavering beingness.

Our true heart does not need anything, but everything relies utterly and completely on this Heart that is you. This Heart that gives all. This Heart that is all.

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Waterfall of Grace and Freedom: Saxophone Meditation for Realization

Rest and sit in Silence during this video to recognize and remain as your own Being. Contemplate the following words, if helpful:

For every new beginning, a waterfall of Grace flows.
Unrelenting and forceful it demands and bestows Freedom.
Any obstacle, limitation or difficulty in its path is insignificant.
It falls away as though it were never there. It never existed at all for this waterfall.
This waterfall continuously flows with never-ending unstoppable power.
The power brings complete and total refreshment. 
A new life, a new strength.
Its beauty is intense and magnificent to behold and feel. 
This water flows onward, leaving nothing untouched by It and none are left that missed Its perfect sound.
Hearing Its sound, become It.
Flowing onward and onward in impeccable Peace. 
Stillness without a hint of stagnation, It remains as It is.

The images and video are of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India. Have a wonderful year!

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Music Meditation: The Sound That Liberates – Saxophone Hindolam Raga Meditation for Realization

Dissolve in Sound, Rest in Silence

Sound arising from our nature instantly liberates us from all thoughts, concepts, confusion and suffering. These thoughts and feelings arise and give the appearance of unhappiness. They simply are not you. This sound appears to begin from in front of you, but instantly becomes you, your simple nature, Beingness and Awareness.

Allowing that to take over your experience, everything that seems to trouble you dissolves. Rest in your own nature, free of suffering, discontent and trouble.

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