Mind Is Like An Empty Soap Dispenser (brief talk + music meditation)

In this brief talk, the mind is likened to reaching for a soap dispenser that is empty. When we go to our mind to find what we want, we turn up empty handed. Instead, we can recognize that whatever we want, including peace and happiness, actually has its source in what we are, our very nature. Then we find that we can continue our daily life and activities in a fullness where nothing is fundamentally needed, added or taken away in any experience. The result is the Peace we have always had. At 13:28 Music raga meditation and brief Silence

Prasant Radhakrishnan shares natural peace and freedom through the sound of the saxophone leading to our own innate Silence that we have never lost. To attend Music Satsang, held regularly, please visit the Satsang page. For more videos like this, as well as other content, subscribe to Prasant’s Youtube channel.