New video: Every Note of Music Is Divine

In this video, Prasant invites us to consider and contemplate the Reality that every note of music arising is, in fact, divine in nature regardless of the way it seems to sound. Its nature is Truth, Presence, nothingness, divinity. Is this true for you?

Is the aversion to certain styles of music, artists or sound textures preventing you from fully enjoying this Reality? Prasant gives the example of Kenny G, a popular but highly criticized saxophonist. You could bring up any music type, person, place or thing that you have an aversion to and contemplate the same thing: Is not the inherent nature of this thing actually Divine Truth? The answer is yes, IT absolutely IS!

If this is not your experience, why not? It is due to the mind, which is just a bundle of thoughts, concepts and ideas about what you are experiencing and what you think your experience is. These thoughts, of course, cannot be the Reality.

This can be applied to any area or phenomena of Life. Music and its nuances are an easy entry point. By realizing the Truth in the Music sphere, automatically that Truth will permeate the rest of your experience as well and facilitate the necessary freeing up of mental content in ALL areas of your life. If every note of music is divine, is not every arising in your life also the same?

Contemplate this and return to your home in Peace, Silence, Freedom, Self Realization, Enlightenment. Whatever you want to call It…

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The photo at the beginning and end is of the sacred Arunachala at Tiruvannamalai, India.

New video: Self Inquiry (Who Am I?) for Musicians and Music Lovers

In this video, Prasant demystifies the powerful technique of self inquiry for Self Realization including common misunderstandings and shares how it can be used in a unique way by musicians and music lovers. This can extend to visual artists, dancers etc…just about everyone actually! When you attempt self inquiry while you are active doing something you love, like listening to or practicing music, it can be easier to experience the results of tasting or resting in your Self. This experience makes a lasting impression that can then be recalled during a difficult time when it may be much harder to practice self inquiry successfully. Be happy always… you are the Self.

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New Video: Music Contains all Paths of Yoga for Realization of Truth | Enlightenment

In this video Prasant talks about how Music is actually a holistic activity that dynamically includes all major paths of yoga (Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc.) within it.

This gives great balance and support and allows for a natural intuitive approach to realizing Truth and awakening.

By practicing music and approaching it with the right perspective, it can be a powerful vehicle to bring you back to your own Self and be permanently free.

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New Video: The Ultimate Gift of Music Is Enlightenment

In this video, Prasant invites you to consider what music is really here for and what it can ultimately offer. What is it’s greatest gift (Self Realization / Enlightenment) and how can we see that and make use of it? What are you currently getting out of music? Do we see the supreme ultimate value of it?

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New video: One Note to Self Realization, Peace and Freedom

In this video Prasant shares an easy technique to Self Realization through the power of fully experiencing just one note of music. Music is an extremely powerful medium that can instantly and irreversibly lead us back into our own natural state, the stateless and free Self. This is the true Peace and Freedom that we have always been searching for.

In the video, Prasant plays a sequence of one sustained note with silence on the saxophone to allow you to experience This.

Simply feel and allow the sound to completely fill the awareness and when the naturally arising enjoyment is reaching its peak, it will naturally lead you to it’s own Source. Where the sound came from is where you came from. Realizing this you will instantly be free. This is instant realization.

Intro music is by Prasant’s trio VidyA from a live performance. There are some videos of this group on this YouTube Channel and albums on his website.

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Dissolve Suffering Through Sound and Music

In this video, Prasant first explains how it is possible to dissolve suffering through sound and music and a little bit about what suffering is. This is in the context of Realization. Then he goes into a spontaneous guided meditation where he shares a technique to utilize and follow sound to dissolve deeply into your fundamental real nature, the Source and stay there.

Once the Self, the Source is fully realized all that arises after will be seen to be nothing but that same Self, which you have discovered that you are already. Even if a glimpse of the Truth is tasted here, you can continue to soak in that perspective throughout your day to day life by contemplating in the same manner presented here.

Eventually stability in Truth will be evident and easy.

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Video: How Ramana Maharshi’s Teachings Relate to Music

In this video, Prasant talks about the great Master Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and how his teachings relate to Music. He talks about why many have difficulty following the instructions of self inquiry and “who am i” and how utilizing music can help you easily transcend these challenges and confusions created by the mind.

Music arises from the depths of Source and easily goes beyond any and all thought forms. It delivers you into your natural home in Silence and Truth. Prasant describes briefly how the sound of music Itself can trigger a spontaneous inquiry into your nature and allow for immediate relief from and transcendence of the mind. This results in the deep rest of the Self.

Quick links to topics covered in the video:

1:23 Music is a direct path to Freedom and Peace. What do I mean by freedom?
2:24 Why people often have difficulty with self inquiry and some clarifications on self inquiry (atma vichara)
4:48 Music can help go deeper and beyond thought forms. How can sound and music be so powerful and helpful on the path of Self Realization?
6:07 Ramana Maharshi’s beautiful analogy comparing the Self to fundamental sruthi note (pitch or key) in Music.
9:00 How to apply Ramana’s teachings music practice by allowing sound and music to trigger an automatic inquiry and experience of the Self.
11:11 Stay with the feeling vs. going after something mentally. Music takes you out of your mind!
12:53 Distractions…see that ALL sounds (and everything else) are the music in the awareness of Truth, not only pleasant music. All sounds are leading you back into Silence.
13:50 Ramana Maharshi, his Grace and Presence and infinite instructions to express the Self.
16:00 Realization through Music helps you to NOT get caught up in piles of thoughts. Self inquiry and football. 🙂


Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Video: You can realize Truth through Music

Happy new year!  This year I will be sharing more about Self Realization, Enlightenment, etc. through music. I will explore in detail the possibilities and methods for becoming free with the help of music. It is possible!

Check out the video. Thanks for watching. 🙂

In this video, Prasant talks about how it is possible to easily realize the Self and become free through Music.

Music can be a direct path to realization. It is more than just something to assist or provide temporary enjoyment or relief in life. Music can be the vehicle to take you back to your original nature and be permanently free.

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New Video: Effortless Being: Raga Kaapi. Indian classical saxophone raga meditation for liberation. (4K UHD)

Resting deep in the Source, enjoy this expression of raga Kapi on the saxophone.

Being yourself is effortless. Whatever happens actually happens effortlessly. Does it take effort to hear? Does it take effort to see, feel, smell etc? These all happen automatically. It is the same with activities like walking and digestion, provided the body is without ailments. The arising of the feeling of effort, doing difficult work, sadhana etc, itself arises without effort. Leaving all these as they are, just being itself is the original, ultimate ease.

Enjoying the sound and soon resting in the Silence that you are, it is seen and felt that you are already being and always have been. With that, nothing more is needed. The remainder of the manifestation is already taken care of.

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The Discovery Approach to Music Practice (part 3): Simple meditations

Part 1 of this series is available here and part 2 is available here. Please make sure to read those first if you haven’t yet. To recap, this approach is essentially a “hidden in plain sight” simple way of practicing music slowly, that allows for both enjoyment and results in music practice. In part 1 and 2, we covered what the Discovery Approach is, why we might want to use it and how it might be effective and helpful.

This approach assumes you have something somewhat specific that you want to practice, like a line or piece of music, raga, chord progression etc. as a music student or practitioner. If you want to utilize music to realize your real nature itself (Enlightenment, Self Realization etc), please see Naada Yoga for Total Liberation (multi-post series in progress.) It’s all the same in the end, but the focus is a bit different.

Now let’s dive into some simple meditations or visualizations to help enter or access this natural approach for practicing music.

1. Turn off the lights, turn off the mind, awaken natural attention

Relax. Breathe. Visualize sitting in a classroom or lecture hall or perhaps a large sports stadium at your favorite match. Or maybe a concert with your favorite artist. Choose whatever appeals to you. You are engaged in whatever is taking place and there appears to be quite a bit of activity.

Now, suddenly, all the lights are switched off at once. Notice and watch carefully what happens. Immediately, pure wakeful attention comes forward and distractedness and thoughts fade into the background. If fear arises, simply notice it and allow it to subside as it is not necessary right now.

Rest in silence briefly or as long as you like. Begin to feel the sensations of holding your instrument again or, if you are a vocalist, just notice the body itself and its sensations. Slowly begin your warmup for your practice session. You will notice the intensity of your awareness and attention will be many times more than what it was before this. With practice, dropping into this space will be quicker, easier and deeper.

2. When this step is all there is, you go beyond time and enjoy vivid awareness

Relax. Breathe. Visualize that you are standing alone on top of a very tall tower. It is dark and you cannot see anything. However, you can sense that there are no protective rails or anything to prevent you from falling. From the tower is a walkway leading back down. You begin try to move in that direction but you have no idea which way it is. How will you walk?  First, relax again. Set aside any fear, knowing that there is no external factor that could interrupt you. You would move extremely slowly, feeling with the sensations of your feet touching the floor and perhaps reaching around you to see what is in front of you. Move too quickly and you may fall. Relax. The moment you notice your feet touching the edge, you would naturally pull back and proceed in a different direction, unhurriedly. Simply go as SLOW as needed. This recognition is liberating as you know that with this kind of undisturbed attention and plenty of time, there will be no “fatal” mistakes.

Relaxing into this state of natural focus and vivid awareness, come back to your instrument (or body itself for vocals) and begin playing. This works especially well for working on a piece or phrase line by line. You move through the line the same way you would feel with your feet and senses in this example… Unhurried, going way slower than you normally would, and thus noticing and digesting more than you ever normally would about the music and about what you are doing. Even a few minutes of practice this way is very beneficial.

Just enjoy…

Once you slide into the natural attention through either of these two techniques, simply enjoy the music here and now. Enjoy the sound, the entire experience of playing music. Your awareness is now ALIVE and simply noticing all that happens. Playing is easier and more fun this way. This is the flow and this is the natural way. Mistakes are both less in number and less frustrating. “Mistakes” become a friend that points the way. Simply keep returning to whatever you are doing again and again.