New video: Every Note of Music Is Divine

In this video, Prasant invites us to consider and contemplate the Reality that every note of music arising is, in fact, divine in nature regardless of the way it seems to sound. Its nature is Truth, Presence, nothingness, divinity. Is this true for you?

Is the aversion to certain styles of music, artists or sound textures preventing you from fully enjoying this Reality? Prasant gives the example of Kenny G, a popular but highly criticized saxophonist. You could bring up any music type, person, place or thing that you have an aversion to and contemplate the same thing: Is not the inherent nature of this thing actually Divine Truth? The answer is yes, IT absolutely IS!

If this is not your experience, why not? It is due to the mind, which is just a bundle of thoughts, concepts and ideas about what you are experiencing and what you think your experience is. These thoughts, of course, cannot be the Reality.

This can be applied to any area or phenomena of Life. Music and its nuances are an easy entry point. By realizing the Truth in the Music sphere, automatically that Truth will permeate the rest of your experience as well and facilitate the necessary freeing up of mental content in ALL areas of your life. If every note of music is divine, is not every arising in your life also the same?

Contemplate this and return to your home in Peace, Silence, Freedom, Self Realization, Enlightenment. Whatever you want to call It…

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The photo at the beginning and end is of the sacred Arunachala at Tiruvannamalai, India.

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