Music Is Instant Meditation

In this video, Prasant goes into detail about not only how music is an instant meditation, but also what the nature of meditation really is. The fact is you are already meditating right now. Your nature itself is meditation. This, right now, is meditation.

Many of us may feel that they are brought into the unfolding ever present NOW while listening to music but the experience fades later on. Prasant shares here that the important insight to take away from every natural experience of music is that the space, freedom and joy you experience with music is always here with or without music. That stays with you when you are away from music. You were there before anything appeared and remain afterwards.

In fact, the experience of Life itself is much like a never ending great symphony of music. Enjoy it by just being yourself…whatever you already are without having to do or change anything to be IT.

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The photo at the beginning and end is of the sacred Arunachala at Tiruvannamalai, India.

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