What’s the point? Resolve This Question For Enlightenment

In this video, Prasant delves into the “what’s the point?” question that arises for many of us at some point in our lives. Or for some of us, it is a regular question. For example: What is the point of all of this? Why all this? After going through so many experiences, it all amounts to nothing, so what’s the point? Everything is happening automatically and nothing is “done” by us so what’s the point? So on and so forth. It comes up for those serious about enlightenment and realization and those who are not. Even those who have had awakening or enlightenment experiences can struggle with this.

By going into what “what’s the point” is actually looking for, we uncover the fact that it is the mind that asks such a question to both resist the arising experience and also grasp for some concept, idea, or phenomenon to explain what is happening or motivate itself to continue its own separate existence. The “point” is just that, a tiny point on a vast, open ocean of experience. In trying to find the point, it is easy to miss the Infinite. When the Infinite is realized, then any point is also That.

In the video, Prasant goes into a little more detail to understand this complaint of the mind and arms us with the insight to transcend it at any given time. The result is freedom.

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