Dissolve the Body With Music and Sound

In this video, Prasant shares an effective method to dissolve the attachment to the body by noticing it dissolve in music and sound. Ramana Maharshi pointed seekers to the Self by reminding them that “you are not the body.” Identification with the body creates suffering for people (or in some cases even the opposing thought “I am not the body”).

In general, we can become frustrated with the body in some way and this blocks the natural seeing of who we are. In order to easily do away with the mental gymnastics that can arise around this, we go into the beauty and power of music and sound to fill our awareness while noticing our arising sensations and then instantly take us to the source of that, which is This ever present Silence. This is a fresh way to be free, here and now.

Live in Truth permanently. Try it and see!

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Download Prasant’s solo saxophone tracks for effortless meditation, Peace and Self Realization here.

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