Are you Doing or Being? #SelfRealization

Doing or Being, which is true? One of the fundamental questions anyone, including musicians, must come across and contemplate is this simple question, are you doing or Being? Are you (the one who seems to think and move in an individual body) instigating thought and activity as well as their associated results? Or is there something deeper within us that is just Being? Many know the age old answer intellectually, but few have actually investigated within themselves to find out and many still struggle with this question today due to a deep rooted feeling of being the thinker/doer.

Why does this matter? The feeling of being a doer results in much suffering, due to the mind identifying with (read taking credit for) actions and the apparent good and bad results. So there is much said about realizing that you are not the doer, not the thinking mind, etc. While that is important, the intellectual understanding on non-doing can create another blind spot resulting in a stance in inaction. There is an easier way and that is to recognize and realize the Source of doing, which is our own simple Being. No matter what is taking place, you can always see that you are Being. This simple Being is always aware and available in our experience when you are in activity and when you are not. This allows us to see that both doing and Being are layers of experience like waves on the ocean. The activities are like the waves and your Being spans the depth and breadth of the ocean, including everything in your experience. The movement of the waves of actions have their source and cause in the ocean of Being, Peace and Silence. Our identity in Being actually empowers us to spontaneous, natural action that is stable, responsible and peaceful. Recognizing this dissolves intellectual conflicts and leaves us in the natural Peace and spontaneous activity of the Self. After all, it is the Self that does everything, while we doing nothing at all. While you are seemingly doing, just Be. While Being, you will automatically do. All others in your life are also living this way. Realizing this, be free of all worries.

The music intro includes a bit of spontaneous raga meditation in Kedaaram on the alto saxophone. When there is a spontaneous silence in the talk, please use it as an opportunity to rest in Being. It is left in on purpose. 🙂

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