Music Meditation: The Sound That Liberates – Saxophone Hindolam Raga Meditation for Realization

Dissolve in Sound, Rest in Silence

Sound arising from our nature instantly liberates us from all thoughts, concepts, confusion and suffering. These thoughts and feelings arise and give the appearance of unhappiness. They simply are not you. This sound appears to begin from in front of you, but instantly becomes you, your simple nature, Beingness and Awareness.

Allowing that to take over your experience, everything that seems to trouble you dissolves. Rest in your own nature, free of suffering, discontent and trouble.

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New video: Saxophone raga meditation for immersion in Truth at Arunachala (4K)

Effortlessly dissolve into your natural state with this unedited video of Indian raga Revati on saxophone. Be completely immersed in the Stillness, Silence, Truth and Presence of Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, India.

Notice all the sounds of the atmosphere and music in complete symphony and harmony together. This same symphony is continuously playing within your own Being. The music within (all thoughts, sensations, perceptions and notions) and the music apparently without (whatever is seen or observed through the senses) are all part of the same grand symphony of perfect manifestation and perfect Silence.

The sound of Music and the sounds of Nature at Arunachala bring forth waves of joy, peace and contentment. Soon it is felt that the deepest core of Silence is the Source and the Truth but not separate from all that arises. Rather, it is vividly present and literally IS all of This! Music, Silence and Nature easily facilitate direct experience of That.

Here all suffering and separations fall away and only the Truth remains.

Enjoy the Peace and Truth you have always had.

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Download Prasant’s solo saxophone tracks for effortless meditation, Peace and Self Realization:…

New Video: Effortless Being: Raga Kaapi. Indian classical saxophone raga meditation for liberation. (4K UHD)

Resting deep in the Source, enjoy this expression of raga Kapi on the saxophone.

Being yourself is effortless. Whatever happens actually happens effortlessly. Does it take effort to hear? Does it take effort to see, feel, smell etc? These all happen automatically. It is the same with activities like walking and digestion, provided the body is without ailments. The arising of the feeling of effort, doing difficult work, sadhana etc, itself arises without effort. Leaving all these as they are, just being itself is the original, ultimate ease.

Enjoying the sound and soon resting in the Silence that you are, it is seen and felt that you are already being and always have been. With that, nothing more is needed. The remainder of the manifestation is already taken care of.

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Instant Peace: New raga meditation series

I’m glad to share a new brief raga meditation and inquiry series with you for abidance in and as complete peace and freedom.

Realization of truth and the dissolving of the mind in its Source can happen at any time and it does not have to take long. It is always here and waiting for your recognition of It as yourself.

What is important is to feel and experience this for yourself, beyond words and concepts.

In this series, Instant Peace, you are invited to dissolve into the sound and silence of the music to instantly melt into the Peace that you already are. The videos are only a minute long.

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How I Started Meditation and Healing Raga Sessions

[Note Dec 2016: This is an old post. If you would like the hear the current expression of this, see the music section to download meditation albums and look at Ragas on saxophone for meditation, enlightenment and Self Realization / liberation.

See Prasant’s YouTube Channel with several raga meditations and contemplations for establishing yourself in the Source. Also see the Satsang page.]

I have received several e-mails and questions in general about this, so I thought I would just explain for everyone.

Earlier this year, I decided to try something a bit different from my usual concert format as an experiment.

I had studied a few different types of healing techniques under Guruji Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji in India some years back and had been practicing it ever since, though I must admit, not as regularly as I should have. It was quite by chance that I came into this study, but that is a story for another time. During my last visit, Guruji expressed that I should do more with combining this healing with music. At that time, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, or whether I should. After all, Guruji had cured patients of all kinds of major chronic illnesses, but for me to claim anything myself would be a bit much. My mother is also an expert in these methods and has helped many.

That changed later, when I reminded myself that trying to do a little extra good in the world when you can — even just a little, is better than not doing it at all. Music can be healing in nature even without imposing any specific healing techniques upon it. With the additional intent and technique of healing added, the music would act more as a conduit or path for the listener to engage further. It took me some time to put worries aside about what others may think and just do it. I feel music is a special source of joy and strength for myself, but it is equally important to share that with others. The meditative and healing aspect of music is one facet that draws people who seek nourishment from music. By developing a combination of energy healing with music that is already innately meditative, something potentially stronger or at least more helpful, could be formed.

The method of healing used cleanses all the major and minor chakras in the body. This is combined with rendering of various ragas to coincide with the healing process. In order to be able to focus on this process, while allowing for a relaxing and uninterrupted experience for listeners, I decided that the format should be simply solo with no accompaniment and no specific tala (time meter). I resolved to record and release a series of albums (the first of which will be released soon) to share this music with the world.

A little time passed and the thought dawned on me to also do this in person, live. I told my friend and creator of the Sangati Center, Gautam, about my idea over dinner one day. He readily agreed out of his openness to new ideas, though I’m sure he wondered what I would finally do.

I planned for a live session to last approximately one hour. We had done minimal publicity for the event and I had no idea what to expect. There was a small group of people at the start, which was encouraging. I gave a brief introduction of what I was about to do and explained that it wasn’t a regular Carnatic concert, but more of a session. It’s best for people to relax and just be themselves, if one doesn’t want to meditate or close their eyes, it’s ok.

I closed my eyes and began. Some ragas were planned, and others chosen on the fly as the session continued. Various patterns emerged including some thanam-like phrases and some like swara improvisations in addition to general raga elaborations. When I opened my eyes it had been about 1 hour and 15 minutes and to my surprise, the audience had multiplied. Most still had their eyes closed, while a good number of people were staring right at me, wondering what I would do next. After instructing people that it the session was over and everyone slowly stood up, I got a chance to talk to some people. I found out that many didn’t know it would be a “session” and were expecting a regular concert, but still stayed. That was a good sign.

It was overall a good experience and Gautam, the director of the Sangati Center, and I have agreed to do schedule this monthly in addition to my regular Carnatic concerts. I would encourage you to check out this other type of music I am doing. If you have heard any of the raga elaborations in my Carnatic concerts and CD’s, it wont be a big departure for you. Here is an example similar to what you will hear on the CD.

Bhairavi Ragam mp3

I hope that answers your questions, and if you have any others, just send me an e-mail or leave a comment. prasant at prasantmusic dot com.

Those of you who are listeners of VidyA and my Carnatic concerts, not to worry. This is in addition and my main vocation will still be behind those endeavors.

Who knows, at the very least, it is a great way to help your baby (or you) enjoy a relaxing moment — maybe a little afternoon nap?

Please keep an eye on this blog and my calendar for future dates and information on the CD releases.

Take Care!

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