It’s Easy to Dissolve the Mind When You See The Ocean

In this video, Prasant shares how easy it is to realize and enjoy your real nature and dissolve the mind when you see and experience the ocean. Seeing the ocean, it is immediately obvious that the sheer power of it is carrying out all the movements of the waves, whether they are crashing softly or heavily. The waves in the video are indeed powerful. It takes no effort for the waves to rise and return back to their source, the water. The waves are made up completely of water alone.

It is the same with whatever is arising and appearing for us, ie: the mind. Every arising, including every thought, perception, sensation, concept etc…basically every experience is spontaneously arising and falling like an ocean wave and is made completely of Its own Reality. The material of the source and all of the infinite forms arising from It are one and the same. This is what we are.

Simply notice this to be free and happy once and for all.

The video was shot at Asilomar State Beach in Monterey, California.

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New Video: Panchabuta is the Self (raga Shuddha Dhanyasi)

Panchabuta (five elements) and all It creates and destroys is the Self (raga Shuddha Dhanyasi). Indian classical saxophone contemplation for awakening…

Dissolve into this transmission of raga Shuddha Dhanyasi. Dive deep into contemplation of the innate, liberated Self nature of all that Is and emerge totally free. When you return from this seeing you will not be the same and yet you will be, as always. You are free from all limitation and concepts.

This raga has five notes representing each element. Its simplicity is also its power. All the notes come from the first note (Sa) and return to it. All elements of the panchabuta arise from the Self (You), dance as the Self (You) and dissolve in the Self (also You). This happens in every instant. Just notice. If you don’t seem to feel That in this moment, then notice that feeling. That feeling of division. Melt into the sound and imagery (if your eyes are open). Watch that feeling arise. It feels like a subtle disturbance or restriction. It distorts your real nature, creating a sense of separation, however subtle or dense. When this is seen then nothing more is needed but to just be. Since even the false sense of separation, the cause of ignorance, arises from Being, it will automatically return to its Home in Being.

Return again and again to Being and you are free.

Some of the subjects and locations in the video include:
Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, India
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Alameda Trail, California and other locations in Fremont, CA
Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Hayward, CA
Reed Cave, Guilin, China
Santa Cruz Beach, Santa Cruz, CA
Jacksonville Pier, Jacksonville, FL
The photo of Prasant was taken by Eric Vogler.

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