New video: Exploration of Sound (Naada Yoga for Total Liberation)

As a supplement to Prasant’s new series of videos on discovering your real nature through music, here is a video of Prasant (saxophone) and his student and friend, Venkat (trumpet). In this video, Prasant and Venkat explore sound together through spontaneous sustained notes. You are encouraged to go through the simple approach to enjoy the sound, dissolve into the sound and finally discover the source of sound, the Silence itself. This is essentially a form of self inquiry using sound as an aid to dissolve the I-thought, the ego, and recognize the already perfect, ever present Being.

As you meet and enjoy the sound, please note that this does not have to do with musical correctness of pitch or tuning or any concept of musical perfection, but with investigating, feeling and riding the sound itself back to your real nature, that is ever free of all concepts and suffering.

Please also note that this is not an intellectual exercise of observing sound or anything like that. This is a visceral experience of the actual feeling of completely dissolving everything that has ever limited you and awakening to your real nature.

For more detail on this approach, here are some of the other videos:
1. Naada Yoga for Total Liberation: An Introduction
2. Enjoy the Sound

The next few videos will go into more detail on the dissolving step and the recognition of silent awareness or Being. This video is a brief overview. You can use these guidelines while practicing or listening to music. You may find it helpful to do this with Prasant’s other meditation videos here on YouTube. Here is the playlist.

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New Video: Naada Yoga For Total Liberation: Enjoy The Sound

Here is another new video for you, the second video in the series I am doing on YouTube called Naada Yoga for Total Liberation. Please check the blog or my youtube channel to see the other videos. Here is a convenient playlist to watch the series continuously.

Prasant begins this exploration of our experience with a spontaneous brief raga Sriranjani on the saxophone. Then he continues this video series with the first part of exploring your experience through sound: enjoyment. When you first hear the sound of music, or any sound, there is an instant meeting or union with that sound. This meeting allows you to establish yourself in the present moment and begin staying there with the help of music. This is very simple, but if you have many thoughts it is usually difficult. Music and sound help in this situation by giving the mind something to occupy itself, so to speak.

As you stay there and really enjoy the sound, you will melt or dissolve into the sound, which is the next step. This will be covered in the next video. Now the mind is beginning its journey back to its Source. It can happen very quick, so be watchful, be alert, but relax relax relax. This kind of relaxed alertness is easily felt listening to a song you enjoy, as an example.

You can practice the first step or the second if you are comfortable by using Prasant’s other videos for meditation, self inquiry, awakening, enlightenment and Self Realization.

Ok, more to come soon. Be happy.

New video: Naada Yoga for Total Liberation: An Introduction

I’m glad to share something new for you today. Naada Yoga for Total Liberation is a fresh approach to spiritual freedom, peace and happiness through music. This is especially suitable for those who are music practitioners, or anyone who simply enjoys music or sound. As I have emphasized in the various videos I have posted in the last several months, it is possible to rediscover and realize your real nature through the ever subtle medium of sound and music.

Many people are aware that Om, the primordial sound, arises from the Self. All sounds are of the nature of Om. Seeing this, it makes perfect sense that if you trace the experience of any sound back to its source and abide there, the Self is revealed. I feel it helps that music usually has deep enjoyment as part of its nature. This approach fully embraces the effortless purity of Being here and now, the Heart. The emphasis is on discovery and abidance in Beingness as there nothing to strive for that is away from your Being.

In future videos, I will go into more detail regarding the various steps in this approach. If you have seen my previous blog posts and videos, I have already given the steps. They are incredibly simple. So, I will give more context and details on this. I feel strongly that this approach is available to all.


Lost Tales – VidyA live in France

As you probably already know, we had a great time playing in France. The organizers of the festival were extremely warm and the audience was great as well. I will post in more detail about this later.

For now, check out this video of Lost Tales from the concert there. There will be a few more videos of this trip as well coming soon. We hope you enjoy it.

Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer at Music Academy 1988

I’ve been listening to this recording for years, but had never seen a video. I just came across this on youtube. T.N. Krishnan, Trichy Sankaran and G. Harishankar. Hope someone will post the RTP in Bhairavi from this concert on youtube too.

Sankaran and Harishankar are amazing in this clip and even more enjoyable during the rest of the concert.

It would be great to see some video of the masters like Semmangudi when they are in their prime.

Recap of concert at Ektaa Center, Irvine, CA

This is a bit overdue, but I thought I would do a quick recap of a concert from August 2007 at the Ektaa Center in Irvine, California. Personnel included myself on saxophone, Ajay Narasimha on Violin and Poovalur Srinivasan on Mridungam. It was the first time playing with Ajay, and had been quite a while since I had played with Poovalur Srinivasan.

I had played a concert with Howard Wiley, David Ewell and Sameer Gupta the night before at the Red Poppy in San Francisco. That was a great show, which I will elaborate upon later. So I drove down directly to the concert hall from the bay area.


The hall was very intimate and I was actually able to do the concert without a microphone. There was a good connection between the three of us musically. Ajay did a nice job and of course Poovalur sir provided seamless and beautiful mridungam playing as usual.

I was fortunate to get most of the concert on video. Here are a few clips from the concert. The first is the timeless Swati Tirunal composition “Deva Deva.” The other is the beginning of the ragam in the Ragam Thanam Pallavi (main piece of the concert).

Deva Deva

Lathangi Ragam

I will post more from this concert soon.

Some pictures from this concert and the Boston concert here.