Going Beyond Death Is Easy

How easy is it really, to go beyond death? 🙂

In this video, Prasant shares that going beyond death is actually easy. Though it has been said that such transcendence is very difficult or impossible, it is actually easy. This is due to the fact that what we really are was never born and doesn’t die. It is deathless by nature. We are, in fact, deathless.

Simply see that the form of a body seems to have a definite life span but the Source Beingness of it does not. This body was not there in deep sleep. Everything that is arising in the Source, which is the missing part of ourselves we usually forget about due to obscuration by thoughts and concepts, is being birthed and passing away instant by instant. This includes thoughts arising and falling. Simply allowing the clinging to these momentary thoughts about what is happening to cease naturally, we rest in our eternal and always beyond death nature. Since this is what we are in actuality, it is very easy.

Further examples are detailed briefly in the video to give you more certainty and clarity that this is the case for you.

For example, does it inherently take effort to be a man or a woman? Who is it that would want to go beyond death? (These are elaborated in the video)

Prasant opens and closes the video with a brief raga Kapi on the saxophone. The image at the end of the video is Arunachala at Tiruvannamalai, India. Enjoy the freedom, peace and joy/fun that this Realization brings. 🙂

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Download Prasant’s solo saxophone tracks for effortless meditation, Peace and Self Realization here:

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