Sound IS Itself Silence!

In this video, Prasant discusses the truth of Sound being not different from Silence. Simply by noticing Prasant’s music and voice in the video, it is easy to see that first there is a background of silence, then the sound arises. Finally, the sound again dissolves into the silence.

The Source of every sound is the Silence from which it came.

The field of the entire manifestation is happening in a similar way. Sound is an infinitely subtle vibration that manifests from silence and it is quite commonly known that all that exists is nothing but varying intensities of sound vibrations.

If we feel and awaken this insight by beginning with the realm of sound and music, we can easily recognize the Reality, the Silence that is the ultimate Source of all that is, and rest in That as what we have always been. This allows for permanent freedom in Being.

For us to experience this, Prasant also goes into the example of the ocean and waves as a way to intuitively grasp this understanding. There is also an opening and closing of raga Mohanam on the saxophone to facilitate returning and resting in our own Silence and Peace.

The last section focuses only on sound with Arunachala as a visual.

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