Waterfall of Grace and Freedom: Saxophone Meditation for Realization

Rest and sit in Silence during this video to recognize and remain as your own Being. Contemplate the following words, if helpful:

For every new beginning, a waterfall of Grace flows.
Unrelenting and forceful it demands and bestows Freedom.
Any obstacle, limitation or difficulty in its path is insignificant.
It falls away as though it were never there. It never existed at all for this waterfall.
This waterfall continuously flows with never-ending unstoppable power.
The power brings complete and total refreshment. 
A new life, a new strength.
Its beauty is intense and magnificent to behold and feel. 
This water flows onward, leaving nothing untouched by It and none are left that missed Its perfect sound.
Hearing Its sound, become It.
Flowing onward and onward in impeccable Peace. 
Stillness without a hint of stagnation, It remains as It is.

The images and video are of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India. Have a wonderful year!

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