Our Innate Peace: Saxophone Meditation for Realization

Rest in your own Silence and naturally absorb the sound during this video. Contemplate the following words if helpful:

After a storm of activity, after a storm of difficulty, what is left our innate Peace. This Peace doesn’t take anything to get it or need anything to find it. When any wave of experience subsides, It is automatically here.

Noticing this, there is much less to figure out. For almost everything we do is to try to get this Peace or flee from disturbance. Now there is no longer need to chase after it, but simply being is more than sufficient.

When we are being as we always are all the time, it is easy to see that a storm of activity can’t disturb it and a storm of difficulty can’t destroy it. It continues to be, it continues to radiate, it continues to pulsate.

This is the pulsation of the heart of silence. Like a heartbeat, unprompted by any external happening, it continues its perfect sound of unwavering beingness.

Our true heart does not need anything, but everything relies utterly and completely on this Heart that is you. This Heart that gives all. This Heart that is all.

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