Teliyaleru Rama: A Two Word Music Meditation to Enter Into The Unknown

In this video, Prasant brings in a famous composition of Saint Thyagaraja, a revered composer of South Indian Classical music. Please note: the following has nothing whatsoever to do with Saint Thyagaraja’s intended meaning in the composition nor is it any kind of translation, analysis or commentary. I thank you in advance for understanding this. Here, rather than rendering or commenting on the composition, we go into a spontaneous contemplation through Music and Silence on the first two words of the composition alone, Teliyaleru Rama, which literally mean “[I] don’t know, Rama.”

This is an invitation for us to realize that, in fact, we don’t know. When this is seen, the mind returns to its Source in the Unknown. The mind lets go of its constant attempt to know some thing through thought and rests in what can never be known through the mind but can be felt and realized to be our Self. This is simply the Unknown. Resting continuously and permanently in the non state of the Unknown brings the resolution to all questions and confusion along with freedom. This brings no conflict in day to day life. If it seems to do so, notice that you are probably no longer resting in the Unknown but have in some way, perhaps subtle, embraced a concept or thought about your experience.

This video is here to give you a direct experience of This Unknown, not only talk about it. During the music portion, just relax, rest and feel.

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