The World Will Not Run Without You

In this important video, Prasant highlights the simple truth that each and every being, activity, every little speck in this manifestation (for example, you!) is absolutely necessary for it to function in its wholeness.

Today many people are extremely busy or at least wrapped up in some kind of sense of busy-ness. Of course, we have our share of calamities and difficulties as does any age in history. In the midst of all of this many of us become quite dejected and depressed. Though they can serve a purpose for a time, phrases like “life goes on,” “what’s the point?” “Nobody cares” “everything is expendable” etc can cloud and debilitate our own functioning and rob us of our natural happiness and peace. They sit on top of our most basic reason for existing and acting and prevent us from being ok with who we are. This can also come as a blindspot for spiritual practitioners following paths that by necessity focus on destroying the ego by first humbling it.

Contemplating on the insight “The world will not run without you” will restore our own innate healthy self importance in the correct context of Truth. In the video there are more examples and guidance on what this is about and how we can all not only benefit from this realization, but how this can also trigger other, equally important realizations resulting in infinitely greater freedom. This rest and peace then allows you to confidently move forward with the work (or not) for which you came.

Subscribe to Prasant’s YouTube channel for more on this as well as Music for Realization. To learn more about Prasant, the Truth he is sharing and about his music, please visit his website,

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