Now Truth: An Endless Revelation of Reality

In this video, Prasant talks about Now Truth, a way of seeing our nature as an endless revelation of truth, freedom and discovery. This goes beyond “the now” being related to time or Truth as a crystallized ideal. This That Is continuously and endlessly unfolds AFTER suffering and confusion ends with unexpected revelations and realizations that continue on and on. That vast majority of teaching is focused on ending the ego or the I-thought and becoming established in the Self or Truth. Often, it can be misconstrued by seekers and even some who have awakened that this is “the end.” “Good bye world.”

The truth is the world itself is the Self. Being infinite as It is, It unfolds never-ending Truths about Itself and continuously expresses in endless ways. It pulsates and expands. The “good bye” and the “end” is only for the mind. When the mind dissolves or ends, the majestic, joyful, ordinary every day life story of the Self begins.

Be happy, there is plenty to look forward to! Strive for the Self, strive for Enlightenment as there is nothing to fear and nothing to lose! You will still be there at the end, just without the nonsense.

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2 thoughts on “Now Truth: An Endless Revelation of Reality

  1. Thanks. I had never thought of waves being *free* until now. Q – After the beginning of self-realization, what is next? Is it complete freedom from suffering with other experiences?

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    • I refer to Self Realization as the final dissolving of the mind, which is already a fully stabilized freedom from suffering in all experience. This does not mean there will be no negative experiences or feelings. The suffering was based on a misidentification with the mind, so it never really existed, you could say. That is why it is often referred to as confusion, delusion or ignorance. Once Truth has established Itself and all concepts about our experience are gone, It continues to unfold and reveal Itself to no end. 🙂

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