Happy 2019: Nothing Easier Than Music to Realize Your Self!

We are back in 2019 with new sharing on Music and Self Realization. In this video, Prasant touches upon what is coming up and reaffirms how Music is special as a path for Realization thanks to it’s natural enjoyment and ease. The process of realizing what we are and seeing the end of confusion in the mind is made relaxing and easy through the power of music and sound. Simply experience the sound, feel it fill your awareness and then notice that what is experiencing the fullness is itself the Silence, the unlimited Reality.

There is no need to go into the mind and pontificate and debate on things. This alone is enough and is the easiest way. The Self will automatically free up the mental content that was there before due to mental identification. Prasant ends the video with a little bit of sound and music from a toy recorder. 🙂

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