New video: Happy for no reason: Ananda is being. (raga Gambheera Nattai)

Here is a new video for you.

…Another spontaneous video celebrating the spontaneous happiness and bliss of the unlimited Self. This one is in the South Indian Carnatic raga Gambheera nattai.

As with the last video, you can use this for casual listening or along with your self inquiry meditation or other yoga for enlightenment and Self realization. Play it while you study, sleep, exercise, do hatha yoga, make your coffee or tea, for your kids, in the car…anywhere. It is for you.

Completely feel the sound within you as your self. Every atom of your being is filled with this sound, the music. Merge with it and feel the total freedom of being. No separation between music and you. Yes, there is perhaps actually bliss… there is enjoyment naturally. It is arising by itself. This is union. Seeing this, you forget even this, and just be… You simply ARE.

The video was taken at Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple in San Jose, CA.

Here is the audio track. You can stream it or download for free (donations welcome).
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