A Simple Way: Easily Liberate Difficult Experiences While Active

During our busy day to day lives, there may be some times when we cannot sit and meditate, or do any special practice for our inner freedom. It is not uncommon that unavoidable difficult experiences can arise during these times. Even during these challenges, there is a simple and easy way to continuously become more free. This can be used at any time or all the time while active.

This is, of course, not meant to replace whatever you are practicing, but very easily supplement it and make your practice easier.

First, always remember that you are just Being, right now and always. It takes no effort to be since we already are always Being. Check now to see: are you not Being? Return to this simple feeling of just Being anytime anything arises. No matter what arises, we can see that it doesn’t affect the fact that you are still Being. This is our natural state and natural meditation 24 hours a day. 

Sometimes we find that something difficult arises, but it feels like it isn’t going away and we feel that we can’t return to Being easily. This particular trouble seems to fill up the full frame of our experience. When this happens, simply notice any other aspect of experience while remaining aware. For example, notice your shirt color, or the floor or the sky if you are outside. Look at the dish in your hand if you are washing dishes. Hear a car passing or bird chirping. Feel your feet on the floor or your fingers holding your phone. Feel the breath moving in your nostrils and belly. You can choose anything you like. Put your full awareness and attention on it.

From this noticing, simply notice you are still here, aware, open and still Being. The difficult experience was only one facet or layer of a much wider symphony of experience taking place all the time. This openness of Being has allowed for this movement of attention. Once attention has shifted to your new focal point, relax attention again away from it and allow both attention and focus to open, rest and dissolve. 

Automatically, your open awareness will rest in Itself and the experience passes of its own accord, unhindered by mental clinging. Even if it may linger, it is no longer the star of the show. It has returned to being a smaller, passing part. We are back to just Being. This Awareness or Being is completely accepting of all experience arising from it so there is no danger of avoidance or suppression. It is natural liberation and allows for freedom in and from any experience. 

Having returned home to Being, if the difficult feeling still lingers or returns, we now have the space to be able to fully feel and see it without being consumed by it. This leads to valuable insights and realizations.

Simply repeat whenever natural and necessary.

trees with a backgound of blue sky
Each passing experience is like a little leaf, while our Being is like the sky, trees and leaves included. Seeing this, even the little leaf becomes Being too.

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