East Facing on the Radio Every Wednesday 90.1 KZSU!


Hello everyone,

I was just told a couple days ago that Stanford Radio 90.1 KZSU will be playing the new album “East Facing” from 6:30 to 7AM every Wednesday leading up to the release concert on August 5th. I know it is early, but morning people can benefit.

You can also check out the internet stream here. Make sure to choose kzsu 1.

There are plenty of ways to record internet streams or even wake up to one! One of my favorites is the free and elegant iTunes Alarm for mac users. You just set the time you want it to go off and choose the playlist and you’re all set. Windows users can just google iTunes Alarm and get many options.

If you end up missing it, I believe the host of the show will eventually put it into his archives here.

If you really want to listen to East Facing *right now,* you can go to my webpage and launch the player or check out the featured mp3. You can also get copies online here

There are many exciting things happening in general right now, even aside from the new album release, which I will elaborate upon soon.

More soon…

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