Carnatic saxophone: Raga Keeravani

After a long absence from posting, I hope to start actually using this blog again! Here is a somewhat old video, but new to the website. It is the last few minutes from a ragam thanam pallavi composition in raga Keeravani I played in August 2005. It was a benefit concert for the Tempe chapter of AID.

It was a memorable concert for me as I haven’t played in Phoenix since then (as of writing this). Also it was the first time I played together with these great artists B.U. Ganeshprasad (violin) and Poovalur Srinivasan (mridungam). I had a great time playing with them, and we ended up doing a small tour together of the East Coast in Fall 2006.

They are both sensitive, expressive and overall amazing musicians. Sriji (as Poovalur Srinivasan is nicknamed) played a great thani avartanam, which actually touched on influences coming from other percussive traditions like Brazil, Africa, Afro-Cuban etc. It was the first time I had heard that in Carnatic concert before, and I was pleasantly surprised, especially since it was executed so naturally.

I also recorded my most recent album (subject of another post) with Ganeshprasad on violin. He has a such a warm sound and expressive feel on the violin. It really adds to the mood of the music.

If all goes well, the three of us will be doing another tour this fall. Stay tuned for more details on that.

You can download the actual file of this video at

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