VidyA Live at UCSB. Paavana Guru.

Here is a live track for you — a more relaxed version of the Carnatic classic krithi Paavana Guru. We recently performed at the UC Santa Barbara Multicultural Center February 26, 2011. 

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Oh, and here’s a little clip of our drive down from the Bay Area. It actually started snowing — or maybe hailing. An uncommon occurence.

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Lalgudi Jayaraman’s Gati Neevani in Thodi — no words to describe

I have been enjoying this gem from the 1967 Krishnaghana Sabha concert where they have rendered Thyagaraja’s Lalgudi Pancharatnams in addition to an RTP. The whole concert is amazing.

So expressive… its hard to describe.

A live clip from Friday’s VidyA concert

I have finally done it. At long last. I actually brought my recorder with me and recorded last Friday’s VidyA concert that took place at the Red Poppy Art House as part of YBCA (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts) Bay Area Now series. The recorder was actually placed behind us, because there was no other place to put it, but you can still hear everything pretty well.

I felt the concert went quite well musically and I think its mainly a result of trying to keep the songs fresh every time and take chances with the compositions.

I decided to make a part of it available online for you to download and enjoy. This is the first part of the 2nd set. A new ragamalika (multiple raga) exploration that segways into Kauveri, which happens to be another song with multiple ragas. Click the link below to download (right-click to save it).

Nine / Kauveri (VidyA live 9/19/08)