Wishing all teachers, Gurus and all of you a Happy Vijayadasami.

The elements of the word Guru (gu and ru) mean to bring the disciple from darkness to light. In music, I was lucky to have met my Guru Sri Kadri Gopalnath in 1995 who did this for me. I began summer gurukula study under him in 1996. I cannot put into words all the learning experiences and memories I have from studying with him, living with him and during our travels all around India together. My most intensive time studying under him also happened to be during my very formative teenage years. So for this great teacher, my pranams and thanks.

I also offer my gratitude to Sri T.R. Subramaniam (affectionately known as TRS). I began further studies with him in 2004 during my extended time in India. I think it would be difficult for anyone to learn everything he knows! His energy and encyclopedic knowledge is of a high order but it is clothed in a very welcoming, loving demeanor. He is a rare person.

Of course there are so many other people who have stepped in to guide me and I thank them all for being in my life.

My spiritual Guru Poojya Swamiji Iswarananda Giriji is an immeasurably large one but that may be a subject of another post as this one is music-focused.

Happy Vijayadasami!


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