Dear Mr. Status Update

Dear Mr. Status Update…sir,

Hi, how are you? What's on your mind?
I know it has been a while since I reported to you. I'm told I need to keep up a good rapport with you.
With updating my status. You know, keeping you "up" on things "going on."
It's important. These are the events. The important events. The non important ones.
Even the seemingly insignificant is important. Each passing moment brings us closer to the next and to the end.
A forehead wrinkle or two?
Therefore our experiences must be documented. Well, for posterity..for memories.
A gig…a cup of coffee…"at a friend's place, yay!"…love this article…share it! They are my experiences.
Status update reader, just check it out for a moment please? Step from your reality into mine.
Whose experience and for whom does it change?
Mouse clicking, horn blowing, walking down the street, parking tickets, picking up the yesterday-was-nice-but-immediately-antiquated object, small talk.
To whom did it come? Who makes it and does it really change…? Is it time for my status update?

Time is so long. It is just looooong. But gone in an instant. Thus I know you tell me to keep this thing updated. If not for me, at least for my friends and family. They surely need to know what's new here.
What is new. I mean, what really is new? Can we bottle time up and serve it?
I've heard that Time can be a servant, cleaning up for you and figuring things out for you. Or it can be a ruthless slave master? Which is it?
There is a story that the great sages could swallow the entire world with Time as a little side dish! For whom, then does time stand still or perhaps cease to exist?
Maybe when we start wonder who it is running around with these legs, looking around with these eyes. Thinking these thoughts — and from where do they come anyways?
And is there something watching this tiny little peep hole that they prance out of? Maybe so.
As the story goes, the deep ocean remains strikingly still with only the waves on top moving about. Timeless and measured by time.
All part of the same thing. But what do you identify with? Can we measure and document every wave, every ripple before it disappears?
What really changes? What can be the update outside of just silence? The silence that encompasses all sound.

Only silence.

Prasant Radhakrishnan

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