NYC east coast visit

I had a short but fun visit to nyc on Tuesday. I had a concert at the Hudson Guild with Sameer Gupta's new group Namaskar. It featured Sameer, Marc Cary, Arun Ramamurthy, Neil Murghai, Rashaan Carter(?) and myself. It was a nice evening of music and a great chance to hear everyone. The group has a really interesting vibe with the dense instrumentation. Overall the visit kind of tempted me to spend more time in nyc in the future — what do you think?

Earlier in the day I headed over to Roberto's Winds near times square on Howard's recommendation. Great place, Roberto and Tony were great. I tried out some horns/mouthpieces etc. and got some minor repairs — I ended up trying out Roberto's special ligature and picked up a couple.

The surprising part was running into jazz saxophone master James Carter. He was rehearsing on the other floor and came in for a peek. What a warm human being he was. I played a little bhairavi ragam for him since I already had my instrument out. It was fun.

I also got to spend some quality time with my sister, brother in-law and my 8 month old niece in Boston.

Now its back to the bay area for a VidyA performance April 1 at the SADHANA conference in Berkeley and April 3 solo at the red poppy mapp show. I will send out more details.

See you soon!

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