Weekend concerts recapped…and pictured.

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well in this first week of February. Hopefully everyone has got the iPad frenzy out of their system by now.


Just a quick recap of this weekend’s two concerts here in the Bay Area. Thanks to Nishanth Chandran (violin) and Nirmal Narayan (mridangam) for coming up for these concerts. I had played with Nishanth and Nirmal on separate occasions and they had played together, but never all 3 of us. It was great playing together finally. They are both incredibly talented artists, if you have not heard them, I would suggest you check them out.


Both concerts were in intimate settings — one was a chamber concert in Cupertino on Saturday January 30, courtesy of Sekhar Sarukkai and family. A big thanks to them for their generosity in hosting live music. There was a very warm audience and we enjoyed playing. We also enjoyed some delicious home-made food. The same goes for the second concert held on Sunday at the Sangati Center in San Francisco. Gautam Ganesan who heads up the Sangati Center is also now a vocalist, so check him out too. Here are a few pics, mostly of the Sangati Center date.


Thanks for listening and sharing….and reading this.

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