Videos from UNC concert: Teliyaleru Rama

Hi everyone, it has been a busy two months with concerts on the both coasts. I haven’t had a chance to recap the UNC Chapel Hill concert from March 29, 2009. The folks there sent me some video, so I am sharing some of it with you.

It was wonderful to play with Vittal Ramamurthy and Poovalur Sriji. I played again with Sriji just last weekend in Sacramento, which I will recap soon. Anyway, here are some pictures and video. You can always keep track of the latest pictures at flickr and the latest videos at my youtube channel.

Also, my podcast is still in effect at, and I promise to post a new episode very soon…

Also mark your calendars, VidyA is performing at the SFJazz Festival in Palo Alto July 16 and San Jose Jazz: Flavors of Jazz series June 23, but also Yoshi’s Oakland on July 6th, 8 & 10pm shows! Enjoy.



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