Kiravani: A Live Experience. Now available.


Kiravani: A Live Experience. Available now at

After over three years, I am happy to release this full concert recording featuring Kiravani as the main raga. Here are the details of the album.

Prasant Radhakrishnan: Saxophone
B.U. Ganeshprasad: Violin
Poovalur Srinivasan: Mridangam

Recorded in August 2005.

Tracks. Total Length: 1:51:48.

  1. Siddhi Vinayakam. 13:13
  2. Rama Nee Pai. 4:31
  3. Charukesi Ragam – Saxophone. 6:06
  4. Charukesi Ragam – Violin. 4:34
  5. Kripaya Palaya. 13:26
  6. Dasharatha Nandana. 3:40
  7. Kiravani Ragam – Saxophone. 8:11
  8. Kiravani Ragam – Violin. 5:26
  9. Thanam – Kiravani. 9:17
  10. Pallavi – Kiravani. 24:09
  11. Tani Avartanam (Percussion Solo). 11.10
  12. Korai Onrum Illai. 4:23
  13. Bagyadhe Lakshmi. 3:48

Listen now on

Listen now on iLike

This is being released as a digital download exclusively from the store, but may be available as a 2-disc set in limited quantities later this year. It is currently available for $15.

I hope you enjoy this recording. Here are some videos to check out.

Promo on youtube

Video clip from the Pallavi (track 10)

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