Excited and grateful for our 44th president, Barack Obama

                              image courtesy of barackobama.com

This is an unprecedented moment in the history of our country, as everyone knows. I am incredibly moved and excited at the fact that this country has embraced our power to elicit change.

Obama stated in a speech towards the end of his campaign that he had done all he could and that it was up to us — the next president elect depended on who wanted it more — and I think the majority of Americans just wanted change that much. I appreciated JohnMcCain’s concession speech and believe he had a real respect for the choice people finally made.

Obama’s acceptance speech was not just moving, but done with great humility as much of the viewers fought back tears. It was about what WE could do as a people, not about an individual. I admire his addressing those in other parts of the world tuning in to his speech. I had always wondered about the place of the U.S. in the world and felt deeply troubled at the way things had been going the last eight years, as I am sure many have. As a citizen, I feel that with Barack Obama as president, we may actually restore the image and message of our country on the international stage.

This is the first time that I think I have ever been proud of a president being elected in our country.

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