Podcast Launch: Indian Classical Jazz Saxophone Set!

Wow, that’s a mouthful. Its a long title, but it was the easiest way to convey what this new show would be about. Yes, I actually decided to start a “podcast.” Its basically like a radio show that is online. I decided to refer to it as a “set,” because I hope that there will be a good dose of music in the show itself as well — kind of like going to a concert.

You can subscribe to the show here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/prasantmusicpodcast. You can also check on updates at http://podcast.prasantmusic.com.

The show should be on itunes shortly, if it is not there already. The first episode briefly discusses why I decided to start the show and is followed by a clip of Bhairavi ragam on the saxophone. I actually had entertained the idea a couple years ago, but finally decided to take the plunge now for a few reasons. I will give more details soon.

Without further ado, hit the link to listen to the show (or right-click to download).

Listen Now!

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