New VidyA Photos

To coincide with our new VidyA CD release, we finally got some photos taken by a great Bay Area photographer, Nate Keck (who also happens to be a friend of the Red Poppy).

I think we were able to get a few nice shots — the whole thing was natural with very limited actual posing for the pictures. That was great for me, because posing is not my forte. I think David has it down though.

Anyways, I uploaded all the color pictures to flickr, so please check them out and tell us your favorites in the comments or via e-mail. It hard to decide looking at so many pictures of ourselves. We eventually have to choose two or three that would be used for most purposes.

View the pictures here.

Here is my favorite: L-R: Sameer Gupta, David Ewell, Prasant Radhakrishnan.



If you are in the Bay Area, make to sure to check out two exciting concerts we have this month! Info here.

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