VidyA CD Release Concert Tonight!/ Radio Play / Record Stores


That is me right this moment…not sure why I decided to include this picture.

Today we will be performing at the Red Poppy Art House to celebrate the release of the new CD!

It is extra special, because today is my dad’s birthday (mom, myself, dad below).
Happy Birthday!


We will also be doing a photo shoot with Bay Area photographer Nate Keck, so you can finally expect to see some updated photos of the group for press purposes and otherwise. Here is a random (and blurry) shot of us playing, just for kicks.


Today the new album was played on KPFA’s Music of the World show with David McBurnie. I believe they played “Lost Tales,” the track based on Bhairavi ragam. They also gave away a couple sets of tickets for the concert.

The latest development is that the new album is now available at Ameoba Music in Berkeley and Rasputin in Berkeley, with other locations following soon, like Aquarius in SF (they have East Facing right now). Some of my Indian Classical albums are there also. If you can’t find it there, ask for it and be persistent!

I will post more info as I find out.

Thanks to everyone for your support. There has been so much activity leading up to this album, but I wouldn’t even call it “work” because I have been so lucky to have many great people to work with and great listeners.

Have a great long weekend.

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