Mixing bowl on telegraph, piedmont ave

Enjoying the beautiful weather, we were hanging in the telegraph/temescal area early today and came across mixing bowl. Really chill place with a good vibe. The owner there was really nice and gave us cookies for free — no reason, just welcoming us. Coffee there was very good. They use "barefoot coffee" brand. They also have special teas too, which we will try next time. Support this cool local spot!

I’m liking the area the more i go. Very relaxed, not too crowded.

I found an article about my band vidya was published online for the oakland tribune. So i headed down to piedmont ave to see if i could pick up a copy. What a chore! Paper machines were all jacked up. But i enjoyed the sights and cool breeze on the way. Finally got a copy but it looks like the article will published in tomorrow’s paper, sunday.

Happy 4th!

Nefasha Ayer at Brava Theater Pictures

Hello everyone. So far things have been going pretty well at the start of 2009, despite all the gloom surrounding the economy. We just need to stay positive I suppose…

We had a blast performing at the Brava Theater on February 6th and 7th. Both shows were packed. It was fun playing with such a diverse group. It included:

Meklit Hadero: vocals
Todd Brown: Guitar
Prasant Radhakrishnan: Tenor Saxophone
Keenan Webster: Balafon/Mbira/Kora and more
Abdi Jibril: Conga/Cahon and others (sad to see Abdi moving to Kenya, this was his last show in the states before moving.)
Mohini Rustagi: Drums
Lalo Izquierdo : Cajon
Gabriel Teodros: Spoken word hip-hop
Michael Warr: Poetry
Marcus Shelby: Bass
Howard Wiley: Tenor Saxophone
Adrian Arias: Poetry

Hope I didn’t miss anyone. There was every type of song in there, from poetry with James Brown-esque grooves, mbira and vocal duets with audience sitting on the stage, to “tenor battles” with Howard and I. Of course, it really was more like a complimentary duet than a battle. I still need to get Howard recorded on the podcast. Hopefully in a couple weeks, if not earlier! Overall, it was unique and definitely fun experience.

Here are some pictures. Go to my flickr stream to see all the pictures.











…and lastly, the stage moment, taken from my cell phone behind the stage…


Recent Pictures, Nefasha

Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all having a great year and managing through the chilly weather. Here are some pictures from some recent concerts:


At Stanford. Blur.


VidyA at Stanford, November 2008. For the ASHA V Charity concert.


Guest drummer Jaz Sawyer


With Keenan Webster and Balafo at the Nike Marathon.


VidyA at LIMN Gallery for a Obama Fundraiser, with Eric Vogler and Howard Wiley.

I got to spend some time with my dad over the Thanksgiving here in the Bay Area. Here is a pic of Sausalito I snapped with my new phone.


He also got to see a Nefasha Ayer concert, and took a few photos. Here is one.


Go to http://flickr.com/prasantmusic to see my photostream and subscribe!

Speaking of Nefasha Ayer, we are going in to the studio to record a new album tomorrow! More news to come.